Customized Study Visit

BRI Research Institute (BRIRINS) are providing a unique training program where we can modify your training content and schedule based on your company condition and culture. This training allowing participants to learn various aspects of micro banking practices from BRI microfinance experts and specialist both in the head office, regional office, even in branch and BRI Unit office. We are helping Policy Makers, CEO’s, Executive from Central Bank, Microfinance Institutions, Micro Banks, Commercial Banks, Development Banks, Government Agencies, NGO’s, Donor Agencies, Investors, even Practitioners and Academician which interested in developing sustainable microfinance. The training will take 5 to 10 days, it includes seminar, in class session, discussion with management in BRI Head Office and Regional Offices, followed by direct field experience along with the Branch Managers, and visiting BRI Corporate University as our training center.