Overseas Training

BRI Research Institute (BRIRINS) can bring quality training about microfinance into your doorstep. Supported by years of experience, BRIRINS will give you a comprehensive training that can give you a clear understanding about how BRI microfinance system works. Instead of going to Indonesia for the training, we can conduct the training in your own place, without reducing the quality of the training. Imagine mobilizing savings from borrowers to fund further loans, instead of relying on government subsidies or the instability of donor funding. Imagine freeing up the money now used for credit subsidies to expand health care, schools, and food programs for the poorest in your communities. Throughout the world, donor institutions, governmental agencies, central banks, commercial banks, and development banks, NGO’s, researchers, academicians, and consultants – are all searching for solutions to move billions of people living in poverty into the economic mainstream. Bank Rakyat Indonesia is a Public Listed Company which focus on micro, small, and medium business. It’s micro banking system the “BRI-Unit” provides commercial microfinance to low income clients across Indonesia. It is the only large scale, microfinance institution fully supported by voluntary public savings, operating profitably for more than 30 years. We are so happy to become your global partner to work together in developing microfinance across the world.