Regular Study Visit


This training is suitable for top managements or executives including CEO from Central Bank, Commercial Bank, Investors, Policy Makers, even Practitioners and Academician. You will understand how to create a good policy and regulation for your MFI’s based on BRI’s best practices and years of experience in Indonesia setting and environment. From one BRI-Unit, Terras BRI-Unit, BRIlink Agent (branches/agent banking), and all the next level of innovation in BRI including, all forms, procedures, reporting requirements, managements information system, risk management, training, and marketing are standardized. The “Big Picture” becomes clear by observing the BRI-Units. The main objectives of policy & regulation training are to assist you in creating a platform for the establishment of your microfinance institutions.


Micro banking System - General Micro banking for Executive: Discussions with BRI or Central Bank top managements. We will facilitate you to shape and refine your vision and overall strategies. Find out which regulatory policies from the central bank and government are most conducive to your long-term growth. Besides BRI Head Office, this program includes visit to the branch offices, BRI-Units, and BRI-Units Customers which will clarify your strategic and operational planning issues.

General Micro banking for Practitioners: Whether you’re just setting up new microfinance institutions or enhancing an established one, managers, senior staff, consultants, and researchers will get benefit from 3-5 day general micro banking course. Your “How to questions?" will be answered with concrete, practical, and detail solutions for managing and implementing goals and policies such as:policy regulatory, product and innovations, operations to microcredit, saving mobilization, internal control and supervision and other financial inclusion program.


Large-scale outreach, with millions of small deposits and loans, offers plenty of opportunity for fraud - unless you have sound, secure systems set up to maintain supervision and control. This course gives all the details you'll need to establish systematic, objective, independent control procedures to keep your microfinance/micro banking running smoothly and profitably. With over 5,300 BRI-Units spread out across 6,000 islands, BRI have had to optimize supervision and control systems to maintain high performance levels. We share BRI best practices with your auditors, financial managers and policy makers.


BRI Branchless or Agent Banking known as “Agen BRILink”, by definition, is the delivery of financial services using BRI client’s network as the extension of BRI conventional network. This is one of BRI commitment to support the Financial Inclusion Program. Carrying tagline “To Reach the Unreachable”, BRI try to serve the unserved by distributing the financial services to the remote area where even no other bank want to serve. Using BRI’s customer as the Agent, BRI deliver the financial services without building a new BRI office since make partnership with BRI client as the agent (BRIlink) in certain area. This also makes BRI network become more efficient. Even now, by the end of October 2018, BRI already have more than 321.554 Agent all across Indonesia, with sales volume IDR 295,29 Trillion. From this study visit and benchmarking, we will share about the success of BRI on Branchless or Agent Banking in serving loan, saving and other services such as payment (transfer, top up, electricity and water bills, including fertilizer and staples food in agriculture or government aid distribution for the low income people, etc.)


Community empowerment refers to the process of enabling communities to increase their live-value and entrepreneurship. Community development and empowerment, therefore, is more than just the involvement, participation or engagement of communities. It implies community ownership and action that explicitly aims at social, political, and even economic change. Through this study visit, BRIRINS will share about how BRI empower the community, and how to create a sustainable and a good relationship between BRI and customer, poverty alleviation program, programmed loan including poverty alleviation program, business incubation, capacity building, and CSR program in the framework of empowering the community. In addition, to increase business productivity and communication from a community, BRIRINS develops an integrated program for micro, small, and medium size business empowerment by using Brilliant Entrepreneurship program called as “Wirausaha Brilian” mobile application and web


This is about how BRI manage more than 650.000 physical branches/e-channel/branchless banking in one big system by using BRI Networking System “BRINETS”, including how BRI become the only bank who own and operate satellite system for empowering the core banking system. This study visit will show you how BRI generate system to manage various kind of systems to support the operation and business activity such as Loan Approval System for Loan, BRINETS for Operation, BRISMART for Learning Activity, BRISTARS for Human Resource Management, Data Warehouse portal, and many more.