Plataran UMKM: Assistance to Halal Certification Process Exclusive Edition 125 UMKM Winner

Plataran UMKM Edisi Pendampingan Sertifikasi Halal

BRI Research Institute -  PT Bank Rakyat Indonesia (Persero) Tbk continues to show their commitment in assisting  Micro  Small  Medium Enterprises (MSME) entrepreneurs in developing their business. In collaboration with BRI Research Institute,  they held an online class titled UMKM Plataran: Assistance to Halal Certification Process Exclusive Edition 125 UMKM Winners of Curation of GUKMI (Galang UKM) Event 2019.

Some of the material shared in the online class includes the halal crisis point, procedure, and administration of the certification process and finally, the regulatory provisions for the implementation of JPH. Ust. Moh Yamin as the presenter of the JPH Implementation Regulations said that " MSME has to pay attention on detail to the ingredients of the MSME products or composition, sometimes there is a mixture of non-halal substances mixed in the product so that the product is not halal".

This event also included the initial task of the BRI Research Institute as a halal supervisor since it was inaugurated on January 23, 2020 by the head of BPJPH Prof. Ir. Sukoso, M.Sc, Ph.D together with Ms. Anita Retnani as the Managing Director of BRIRINS in BRI II Building.