LINKUMKM OUTLOOK 2022: Strengthening Indonesian MSMEs Up the Class "Go Digital Go Global"

Strengthening Indonesian MSMEs Up the Class "Go Digital Go Global"

BRI Research Institute -  BRI Research Institute closed this year by holding LINKUMKM OUTLOOK 2022 with the theme "Go Digital Go Global" this event discussed many perspectives from various backgrounds of speakers presented ranging from academics, associations, and practitioners. So that the participants of linkumkm OUTLOOK 2022 are expected to prepare themselves to face the upcoming 2022 well.

LINKUMKM OUTLOOK 2022 which took place on Wednesday, December 22, 2021, presented two keynote speakers, namely Mr. Teten Masduki as Minister of Cooperatives and SMEs and Mr. Marolop Nainggolan as Director of Market Development and Export Information of the Ministry of Trade. As for the speakers who attended this event, namely:

  1. Mr. Rivani (Director of Oorange Unpad Business Incubator Center)
  2. Prof. Kusdi Raharjo, DEA. (Chairman of AIABI)
  3. Prof. DR. ENG. Agus Purwanto, S.T., M.t. (UNS Research Director)
  4. Prof. Irwan Dwidya Prijambada, Ph.D. (Director of Community Service UGM)
  5. Prof. Dr. Rifda Naufalin, S.P., M. Si. (Chairman of LPPM UNSOED)
  6. Dr. Anton Hendranata (Research Director of BRI Research Institute)
  7. Idris, SE, M.Si. (Chairman of KKIB UNDIP Business Incubator)

And also do not miss the MSMEs who have the opportunity to provide insight and share knowledge about digitalization, among others: Irene Marshella, Mrs. Darningsih, and Pujianto Ngapak.

The event was opened with the speech of the Ministry of Cooperatives and SMEs, Namely Mr. Teten Masduki who is optimistic that business actors will experience this growth condition seen from the capacity of savers of MSMEs who began to rise, as it has been released it has reached 6.3% in the third quarter in 2021, which previously decreased to 5.8% in 2020. "Linkumkm OUTLOOK 2022 event is in line with the mission of the Government of the Republic of Indonesia in referring to digitalization and encouraging MSMEs to be competitive both domestically and abroad," said Mr. Teten.

Digitalization is proven to make businesses able to survive and grow in pandemic times, the World Bank (World Bank) noted that 80% of businesses connected to the digital system economy have better durability. As stated in the RPJM 2021-2024, MSMEs Go Digital and Go Global became one of the priority programs of the Ministry of Cooperatives and SMEs, where currently businesses that have been on boarding into the ecosystem have reached 16.4 million or more grew from 100% compared to before the Covid-19 pandemic. This makes the Indonesian Ministry of Cooperatives and SMEs with a target of 30 million business actors entering the digital ecosystem and 17% of export MSMEs will be achieved in 2024.

Then continued with the presentation of the speakers one by one who focused on digitalization for MSMEs with simple but very useful things. "We need to increase the value of products to prove that our products are worth selling because it will be useless if marketing is done digitally massively but the products sold are less feasible," said Mr. Rivani from Oorange.

MSMEs are the business sector that can be said to be the strongest but also the most fragile therefore proper assistance is needed so that the dominant MSMEs in Indonesia can become a solid economic pillar. "MSME actors are strong enough to survive and resilijen during the pandemic, MSMEs in microegmen look more weak / easy to close their business, but quickly rise (start the business again)" said Anton.

LINKUMKM OUTLOOK 2022 is held as a form of BRI concern through BRI Research Institute in restoring and strengthening MSMEs in Indonesia while providing learning about digitalization that has been very rife by business actors to penetrate the global market.